Anti-theft Doors

Ultimate Beauty & Security

Resistant to crowbar break-ins, cuts & pressure on surface & corners

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Fire Doors

Strong & Sturdy Protection

With thick steel sheets used in doors & frames

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Why SabalanDoor

With years of experience, SabalanDoor has managed to make it's products stand out. That is the result of our attitude towards a better service to customers.

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10 Year Guarantee

SabalanDoor's unconditional 10 year guarantee assure our customers of the quality of our products.


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Mission Statement

SabalanDoor as a huge and established door manufacturer in Iran, always tries to take part in managing and investing in big projects.

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Door veneer manufacturing site-Sabalan-Darb

Door veneer manufacturing site

Combination of Art, Industry & Experince

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SabalanDoor welding site

Safely Guaranteed With Quality Steel

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Electrostatic color site-Sabalandarb

Electrostatic color site

Beauty & Frame Durability

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Storage room of prepared doors-Sabalandarb

Storage room of prepared doors

Huge Capacity For Shipping To All Over The Country

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SabalanDoor selling agency

Start of a relation with a customer, Start of a commitment

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Our roles & responsibilities towards customers

Providing products and services of best quality, most affordable prices in specified time for the advantage of customers. Customers' privacy is considered as one of their initial rights. Guarantee and after-sales service provides ultimate ease of mind for the customers.


SabalanDoor industrial group is one of the biggest manufacturers of anti-theft, fire, interior, lobby and villa entrance doors in the country. What is created in this group is the result of the efforts of Iranian professional experts.

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