anti-theft door Laminox series code 2206 & 2207
24 Dec 2018

anti-theft door Laminox series code 2206 & 2207


Code 2206 and 2207 are two of Sabalan anti-theft doors in the laminox series. The doors in this series are available in several styles, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences. With the highest quality materials used in the construction of them, you can rely on these products to safeguard your property for a long time.


 Sabalan anti-theft door technical specifications code 2206 & 2207
product technical specifications laminox with fixed frame
 board material  laminox
 board thickness  8 & 10 & 13 mm
 leaf internal sheet thickness  0.5 mm
 leaf sheet thickness  1.25 mm
 frame sheet thickness  1.25 mm
 frame bottom  12 cm
 leaf thickness  6 cm
 leaf core  styrofoam
 frame paint covering  electrostatic-leather-glossy
 lock type  Turkish Kale (automatic, hook)
 number of locks  3
 mail slot  not included
 door weight  70 kg
 front standard dimensions  210 * 105
 back standard dimensions  212 * 109
 guarantee  unconditional 10-year old
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