Anti-theft doors

Anti-theft doors

The importance of your home security as a place where you live and keep your valuable stuff in, can't be denied. As there are plenty of criminals interested in breaking into your home, you need to make every entry point safe from harm or attack. In this case, one of the most important things you need to consider is installing a quality anti-theft main door. As you know, this king of door due to it's structure, has higher resistance than a regular type door.

Sabalan Darb Mehr Company has provided well manufactured doors under the guidance of out highly experienced engineers and professionals using latest technology. our products have very unique features that safeguards your home perfectly.









The corners and surface of SabalanDoor anti-theft doors have high resistance against pressure, cutting and crowbar which makes it almost impossible for burglars to break into your home. Of course factories and other places with higher security requirements need doors of even higher safety level.









Secure against fire and other incidents

SabalanDoor anti-theft doors have the required standards to keep their stability in the event of incidents like fire, earthquake and building collapse.







Strong and beautiful veneers

SabalanDoor veneers are mostly made of MDF, PVC or wood. Before choosing one of these veneers for your door, you have to consider the climate of the place where the door is going to be in.




Heat, moisture and sound insulation

Besides their high level of safety, SabalanDoor anti-theft doors are great insulator of heat, moisture and sound.














Quality and beauty at the same time

The doors have various designs which provide customers with vast variety of choices.











Best door locks and hardware parts

An anti-theft door isn’t much different than a regular one if it doesn’t have quality lock and accessories. Kale kilit is a trusted brand in manufacturing door locks and accessories. Using their products for our doors guarantees you the highest safety.










Different sizes

The door sizes can be customized based on the application and the place you want to install your door in.













Strengthened door frames

The frames used for our anti-theft doors are much different than other frames. Using quality steel sheets for the frames has incredibly increased the security of our doors.


SabalanDoor industrial group is one of the biggest manufacturers of anti-theft, fire, interior, lobby and villa entrance doors in the country. What is created in this group is the result of the efforts of Iranian professional experts.

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