What type of door hardware is best for each room in your home?
08 Sep 2018

What type of door hardware is best for each room in your home?


Hall & Closet

Hall and closet door hardware refers to non-locking knobs and levers, sometimes called Passage hardware. They are ideal for rooms and doors where locking is not needed, such as a closet.


Bed & Bath

The Bed & Bath category is used to describe privacy door hardware. This type of door hardware locks to offer privacy. As the name suggests, it is best for any room you may need privacy, like your bedroom and bathroom.


Keyed Entry

Keyed entry locks are best for exterior doors. You may find a use for this door hardware on interior rooms that require a little more security, such as an office or wine cellar. Some keyed entry functions unlock when door is opened from the inside, allowing you to leave quickly, conveniently and re-enter easily.



Non-turning door hardware is sometimes referred to as dummy hardware. These knobs and levers are meant to be used as decorative door pulls, often found on interior french or pantry doors.


Keypad & Touchscreen

Keypad knobs and Touchscreen levers are ideal for garage entry doors and utility rooms. Instead of using a keyed entry where you need higher security inside your home, opt to ditch the key altogether.


source: www.schlage.com

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