Fire doors

Fire doors

All of us who use or occupy any building have a right to expect that we will be safely protected when a fire breaks out. A fire door is a door that has been specially constructed and fitted in the correct way, to increase the amount of time it would take for flames and smoke to pass through the door in the event of a fire. they have a few vital safety features to reduce the spread of fire and smoke between separate compartments of a structure and to enable safe egress from a building or structure. These specialist doors which are tested against the elements can be the difference between life and death so they are an essential requirement for all public buildings, offices and factories.

SabalanDoor fire doors are manufactured under the guidance of professionals with years of experience and have all the essential features that guaranties your protection in the event of a fire.







Strong galvanized sheets










Using galvanized sheets with 1.5 mm thickness provides the greatest strengths for our fire doors. Electrostatic powder painting is used for the doors.


Safe door fillers











Fire doors can be filled with fire resistant materials such as rockwool, perlite, ceramic wool and... . SabalanDoor fire doors are filled with rockwool of 100 kg/m3 density.


A wide variety of colors








You don’t need to limit yourself. Choose the color you want.


Different sizes







You can order your single or double fire door in a customized size.


Special hardware










The hardware used in SabalanDoor fire doors including the lock and panic exit device and the smoke seals are extra strong. We have used the best hardware from the best manufacturers for the fire doors.


The fire door standards

Numerous certificates are there to guarantee the quality and safety of fire doors. One of the most important certificates is EEA-1700-0071. SabalanDoor got this certificate from Efectis in 2017. Efectis is a major group in fire science and covers all fire safety expertise in testing and modeling, certification, education and inspection. In addition to that, our fire doors come with Road, Housing and Development Research Center certificate to offer our customers complete peace of mind.


SabalanDoor industrial group is one of the biggest manufacturers of anti-theft, fire, interior, lobby and villa entrance doors in the country. What is created in this group is the result of the efforts of Iranian professional experts.

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