Why SabalanDoor
08 Sep 2018

Why SabalanDoor


Thinking about anti-theft doors, a lot of national and foreign brands pop into mind that may confuse people about which one to choose. Choosing a secure door for a building concerning all the details that exist in the production process of anti-theft doors would be a complicated task.

When you buy an anti-theft door produced by a company, it means that you have trusted their brand to provide the security you need. It’s essential to do your searching beforehand.

SabalanDoor Group with years of experience in manufacturing different types of doors has managed to create outstanding products making the brand different than all of its competitors. This uniqueness is the result of our attitude toward perfect customer service.

The following is some of our points of differentiation:


Using the latest technology for manufacturing the products

Adapting to new technologies and newest trends in our business has always been a priority for SabalanDoor.


Reducing the prices while improving the quality

Relying to our internal capabilities in providing raw material and workforce has remarkably reduced our costs while we constantly try to improve the products quality.


Using professional and productive workforce

Turkey has always been a leading country in door manufacturing. In SabalanDoor we work with Turkish consultants besides Iranian specialists and this leads to products which are comparable to the ones from the best foreign brands.


Customer is king

Our most valuable asset is our customers. This is what we have achieved due to exceptional customer service in years.


High production capacity

Large amount of orders from all over the country and the necessity to meet the customer needs led to the development of parallel production lines in SabalanDoor factory. The consistency in quality of products is guaranteed.


Production in accordance with the newest standards

The science is developing as fast as possible in today’s world. To keep up with these changes, we in SabalanDoor Group are constantly looking for newest ways and latest information to keep ourselves in the top level of this industry.


Fast and widespread distribution system

Due to the high quality of our products, there are a big demand for them all over the country so a network of professional and experienced agents are there to provide customers with great service.





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SabalanDoor industrial group is one of the biggest manufacturers of anti-theft, fire, interior, lobby and villa entrance doors in the country. What is created in this group is the result of the efforts of Iranian professional experts.

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